Your Wheels are broken after a fall - what now?

Von Calvin Mochalski

Zuletzt aktualisisert: 15.07.2022 / 2 Min. Lesezeit

A crash or accident is bad enough, so we want to make the replacement of your broken wheels as smooth as possible. If you have crashed with our wheels, we offer you our Crash Replacement. You will receive the same or equivalent wheelset for your defective wheelset at a reduced price. If a repair is possible, we will carry it out promptly and at a reasonable price.

We offer the following discount:

Year after purchase: 45% off the complete wheelset

Year after purchase: 40% off the complete wheelset

Year after purchase: 25% off the complete wheelset

If only the front wheel is damaged, 40% of the price of the complete wheelset will be charged. Similarly, if the rear wheel is damaged, 60% of the price of the complete wheelset will be charged.

How can you make use of our Crash Replacement?

In order to make use of the crash replacement, the invoice receipt must be presented. In addition, the defective wheels must be sent in. The Crash Replacement can only be claimed by the original purchaser. As soon as we receive your wheels , we will check the defect and inform you whether a repair is possible.

Please contact us by e-mail ( or via our contact form and describe the accident and the defect on the wheels. Ideally, you should send us the invoice or the invoice number directly in your email. We will contact you within a few days and provide you with a free return label. You send us your wheels including the service document . After checking the defect, we will inform you whether we will repair the wheels or whether we can offer you a replacement product. As soon as your wounds from the fall have healed, your wheels should be ready for use again.